What Happens When Multiple Teachers are Involved in Alleged Misconduct?

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Recently, the Idaho Professional Standards Commission revoked the qualifications of several educational professionals. These persons - coaches, teachers, a principal - stood accused of sexual misconduct. The allegations included lewd conduct, sexual battery on a child, the use of derogatory slurs, and the spanking of a student.

When there are multiple people facing different levels of allegations for varying actions, determining guilt and meting out adequate penalties can get very complicated, very fast.

There are many factors that the governing commissions need to take into account - for example, any prior offenses, as well as the seriousness of the individual allegations. As a result, even if multiple people commit the same or similar types of misconduct, they could face dramatically different consequences.

What does this mean? If you believe you might be at risk of misconduct allegations, your fate isn't necessarily tied to that of another person. Working with a misconduct defense lawyer can put you in the best position possible for success.

Different Histories, Violations, and Consequences: Meting Out Penalties for Multiple Instances of Professional Misconduct

When the authorities delved into the ‘handful of teachers' involved in the Idaho misconduct case, they quickly found several different instances of alleged misconduct.

One principal faced charges of misdemeanor sexual battery - and was in violation of the state's educator code regarding sensitive images. Another staff member was embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit. A former basketball coach had pleaded guilty to the sexual battery of a child, and the school's athletic director had allegedly used inappropriate language with students. In another case, a special education teacher “impulsively” spanked a student while administering routine care.

The Idaho Professional Standards Committee faced the challenge of issuing appropriate sanctions for each individual and each instance of misconduct.

The Potential Consequences of a Multi-Person Sexual Misconduct Allegation

As it turns out, there are several things that might happen when multiple professionals exhibit sexual misconduct. The teachers in the above circumstances each received sanctions, including the following penalties:

  • A Revocation of Educational Certificates: According to Idaho Legislature, the standards committee must permanently revoke the certificate of any educator found guilty of a crime against a child.
  • A Letter of Reprimand: A less serious crime might merit a note in the teacher's permanent record. This might make future promotions or job interviews much more difficult than necessary.
  • Termination of Professional Positions: If a teacher is no longer fit to work with children, they could face termination of their position as an educator.

This is clearly a wide range of potential penalties - perhaps implying that if you face allegations of misconduct, there is room to work towards a less damaging outcome if you have the right strategy.

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