Student Disability Advisor -

If you are a student in Utah who has a disability, or your child suffers from one, you have likely experienced challenges ensuring you or your child receives a proper education. National statistics show that around 20% of students have some form of disability, so you are certainly not alone.

Nevertheless, you may routinely experience discrimination or challenges in obtaining the necessary accommodations to be able to receive a quality education. Since all schools impose satisfactory academic progress (SAP) requirements or other academic standards you must meet, your disability or your lack of proper accommodations may make it difficult to do all you need to do to maintain a satisfactory academic record, much less excel in school.

Utah, all states, and the federal government have laws regarding student disability and their right to an education. Schools must provide reasonable accommodations to their students who have qualifying disabilities to provide means and access to educational services. If your school is not providing accommodations or refuses to recognize your disability, you need to understand your rights so that you are better prepared to challenge the school or district and help yourself or your child get the quality education you deserve.

National education attorney advisor Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm's Student Defense Team have helped hundreds of disabled students throughout the country. We can explain your rights and options and serve as zealous advocates for you or your child to help you settle your dispute and obtain the favorable outcomes you seek.