College Code of Conduct Student Defense Advisor - Indiana

Indiana is home to colleges and universities that likely have what's known as a “code of conduct.” The code is comprised of a set of rules that are enforced to maintain a safe campus community. At each school, this code will obviously look a little different, so check your school's student handbook for clarification on the rules you are expected to follow.

At most schools, accusations for violating any of the rules within this code will lead to a disciplinary proceeding. The ultimate purpose of the proceeding, whether it be in the form of a hearing or some other process, is to determine whether or not an accused student is “responsible” for violating school policy. It's important for accused students to understand that a responsible determination for even a seemingly minor violation can get you in serious trouble. Trouble that can not only derail the progress you've made in your college career but your professional life down the line as well.

All disciplinary violation allegations should be taken seriously. If you've been accused, don't hesitate to seek guidance from an experienced Indiana advisor. An attorney advisor's presence in your case can maximize your chances of getting a fair result and ensure the process remains fair.

Common Code of Conduct Violations


Since underage drinking is illegal in all states, virtually all colleges and universities enforce rules concerning alcohol use by students under the age of 21 on campus. But some institutions take their rules a step further by restricting access to alcohol for all attending students regardless of age. Of course, there are also repercussions for providing alcohol beverages to students who are underag