Course Hero

While Course Hero has been around for some time now, many parents and even students have only recently become familiar with the platform. Whether you're just now learning about Course Hero or you're a long-time Course Hero user, there are a number of important issues you should understand concerning how your academic career can be negatively impacted by the use of the online platform. For most, Course Hero is a worthwhile resource, but its use can result in a slippery slope.

While Course Hero is intended as a tool to help students achieve their academic goals, it can sometimes be misused. Still yet, some students may be accused of misusing the online resource when they hadn't or didn't realize they were. In each of these scenarios, students face a severe risk to their academic and professional futures if their Course Hero use is found to violate their school's academic misconduct policies.

Course Hero Basics

Course Hero is an online platform that connects students and educators with each other and a plethora of educational resources. While students can pay a fee to access the information that Course Hero provides, they can also utilize Course Hero by exchanging their own educational resources for access to new content.

The types of educational materials contained on Course Hero include:

  • Lecture notes
  • Textbook solutions
  • 24/7 access to tutors
  • Student notes

The argument for Course Hero is that it provides students with access to meaningful academic help at all hours of the day. This level of access has been critically important t