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Have You Been Accused of College Sexual Misconduct?

Are you a student who has been accused of college sexual misconduct? College sexual misconduct can lead to disciplinary action such as suspension or expulsion, not to say anything of potential criminal charges which are handled outside of the school, by law enforcement. All of these can lead to serious consequences down the line for you and so you should consider consulting with an attorney-advisor who is committed to fighting to protect your rights.

What Do the Title IX Changes Mean for College Sexual Misconduct Allegations?

In the past, many sexual misconduct allegations fell under Title IX, however, on May 6, 2020, the Department of Education released new regulations that narrow the scope for Title IX investigations. Betsy DeVos, tweeted: “Our new #TitleIX rule provides new and meaningful protections for survivors of sexual harassment/assault & balances the scales of justice on campuses across America:” In a similar vein, Robert Shibley, the executive director of FIRE stated in a press release, “Today, we won an important victory. But our work is not over. We will continue to fight to ensure that students are afforded the rights now guara