A nursing school is seeking to sanction me for something I didn't do. How do I avoid disciplinary actions?

If you're a nursing student and you're being accused of something you did not do, you need to respond and defend against the allegations vigorously. You cannot depend upon the school doing the right thing or to be looking out for an accused student's rights and interests. You need to have an ally in your corner from as early as possible in the process. To do so, an experienced attorney advisor will be your best ally.

It's necessary to gather and obtain the necessary evidence and present it at the given time to make sure that your defense is as strong as possible, whether that includes, say, witness statements, documentary evidence, text messages, social media posts. Whatever the case may entail, be it a general disciplinary issue, an academic misconduct issue, a Title IX sexual harassment or sexual misconduct issue.

The possible charges are countless that a nursing student can face any allegation is incredibly serious. It can affect both the short and long-term future opportunities. It could affect nurses' opportunities with professional licensing and so forth. The stakes are high and you should have an experienced attorney advisor in your corner from as early as possible in the process to help you understand and navigate the process.