Attorney for Ramapo College Students

Ramapo College was founded in 1969 in Mahwah, New Jersey. The enrollment of the institution now exceeds 6,100 students. The Office of Student Conduct promotes responsibility, respect for the community, and prompt enforcement of potential violations. The disciplinary process is conducted in a “fair and impartial” manner that is “complemented by sanctions.”

The Benefit of Retaining a Student Rights Attorney

College and university officials are empowered to investigate, evaluate evidence, and issue rulings in student disciplinary proceedings. The process is not designed to emulate that used in a court of law. Comparatively, these institutional processes may lack many of the safeguards found in the formal judicial system. This could result in less emphasis being placed on the rights of the accused.

Students enrolled at post-secondary institutions (and their families) are likely making tremendous sacrifices to pursue future educational goals. If a student is the subject of a disciplinary investigation, the outcome may result in harsh penalties that adversely impact these plans. In some instances, accused students and their families make the mistake of underestimating the true potential consequences of these disciplinary proceedings.

Most schools allow all parties involved in disciplinary matters to choose an advisor. This is an individual that will support and accompany them in the proceedings. It is strongly recommended that an attorney is retained to serve in this capacity. Securing legal representation should be a priority after being made aware of any allegations. This is critical to ensure sufficient time for preparation.

Your attorney will interpret your school's unique procedures and guidelines. He or she may also work with you to deliver clear statements and effectively respond to questions. Your attorney may also potentially enter into discussions with institutional administrators to negotiate a favorable