Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

The Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is an established institution with impressive rankings. The school was ranked third for research and fourth for innovation among all medical schools. The school's mission is defined as seeking to improve knowledge and health through “research, patient care, and the education of trainees in an inclusive culture.”

The students who choose to pursue a career in medicine are committing to a challenging journey. The academic performance standards are rigid and each school has specific guidelines for professionalism. Medical students who are the subject of serious disciplinary sanctions including suspension and dismissal may experience difficulty in being accepted into desirable residency options, have limited employment opportunities, and experience limited earning potential. Having an attorney that is well-versed in these matters serves in an advisory capacity is critical for protecting your rights and overcoming these concerns.

Common Breaches of Professionalism

  • Failing to properly balance their wide range of academic and clinical responsibilities
  • Showing indifference toward honoring patient needs
  • Having an inability to build proper rapport or empathy

The Policies Governing Medical Students' Academic Progress and Conduct at PSOM explain that students must remain compliant with “standards of conduct, professionalism, patient care, and academic integrity.” The Advisory Deans and Student Standards Committee assesses the academic performance and professional behavior of each student.


Dismissal is generally appropriate for very egregious violations or those with multiple violations. Before dismissal, students may face sanctions including having a permanent notation made on records, probation, or suspension. Students who have a positive drug screen may also have their admission to PSOM revoked. Students who fail to meet academic performance standards despite remediation efforts are also subject to dismissal.

The Office of Student Affairs may respond to an alleged violation by summoning the student, who made be accompanied by an adviser, to a meeting. Deliberations are held privately to determine sanctions. Students seeking to appeal an adverse ruling must submit a request in writing to the Senior Vice Dean for Medical Education within 10 days.


Remediation allows students that are under-performing academically to redeem themselves. The process has long been an integral part of medical education, as the future quality of the physician workforce is important. Students at PSOM who fail two examinations are subject to Academic Watch and will take a remedial exam. Students who fail a course appear before the Student Standards Committee (SSC) and have a remediation plan established and may have Academic Watch status elevated to Academic Warning.

Experienced Advisory Attorney for Medical Students

Students actively enrolled in a medical education program that is faced with serious disciplinary actions have much at stake, as having a near-perfect track-record of performance is the expectation for medical professionals. Students that are in remediation for substandard academic performance, violate academic integrity provisions, or others are encouraged to consult with an attorney. Retaining advisory assistance better ensures the school's specific disciplinary rules are correctly interpreted and your rights to due process are respected.

The leaders at today's medical and research institutions remain committed to having a stellar reputation. The administrators that are chosen to manage student disciplinary processes may be motivated to swiftly resolve these matters haphazardly and could impose disproportionate penalties. Joseph D. Lento is an attorney that understands the potentially devastating repercussions and will work aggressively on your behalf. Contact the Lento Law Firm today at (888) 535-3686 for details.

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