High School Academic Misconduct Attorney Advisor - Missouri

Have you been notified of an academic misconduct allegation against your child? At the Lento Law Firm, they know how jarring these notifications can feel. You think you know what your child is capable of, and you've spent their entire life, and a good chunk of yours, dreaming about their future endeavors. But this academic misconduct accusation can make those dreams fizzle out. You may worry about how they'll get into a good college or qualify for scholarships. These fears are why having a qualified attorney to guide you through this uncertain time is so helpful. The unfortunate truth is that many students across the country are wrongfully accused of academic misconduct, don't seek advice, and are punished unnecessarily, altering their path forever.

What is Academic Misconduct?

Whether it is elementary or college, every school gives out a specific student handbook at the start of the new school year. Inside this handbook are particular behaviors the school expects each student to enact. Academic misconduct is a catchall phrase that covers any action that violates your respective school's educational code of conduct. Generally, academic misconduct includes:

  • Plagiarism – submitting words or ideas as your own that you copied from another source.
  • Cheating – violating rules for the assignments or exams your teachers give you; copying another's work; checking notes during an exam when it is not allowed; allowing another to copy your work.