College Code of Conduct Student Defense Advisor - Montana

Colleges in Montana all have their own codes of conduct, which dictate what can and cannot be done on campus and by their students. Breaking your school's code can lead to a disciplinary violation which can saddle your academic record with a blemish that can make it more difficult to get a job after you graduate. Hiring a lawyer to be your advisor throughout the disciplinary procedure can make a huge difference in the outcome because it shows your school that you are taking your future seriously and will vigorously defend against the allegations against you.

Common Disciplinary Violations in Montana

Even though every school's code of conduct is different, that does not mean that there are no similarities between them. In fact, most of the substance is shockingly similar, leading to several types of disciplinary violation that are more common than others.

Underage Drinking on Campus

Perhaps the most common disciplinary violation in a Montana college is underage drinking. An outsized portion of a college's code of conduct deals with the offense, largely because it is so prevalent and universities are now taking strict action to deal with it. Just because it is common, though, does not mean that an allegation of underage drinking is trivial – the legal drinking age in Montana is still 21 years old, so underage drinking can still be prosecuted as a crime.


Another aspect of college that is heavily dealt with in most codes of conduct is hazing.