Student-Athletes accused of Title IX in Arizona

Title IX is a federal law that aims to prohibit gender discrimination against students who attend federally funded colleges and universities. This law's initial function was to establish equal opportunities for women in intercollegiate sports. But in recent years, the national conversations had about Title IX overwhelmingly concern a more prevalent form of gender discrimination: sexual misconduct. In the wake of unrelenting advocacy efforts, national movements like “Me Too,” and an alarming rate of lawsuits, the guidelines for resolving complaints of sexual misconduct in Arizona higher education institutions today are clearer than ever.

Being accused of sexual misconduct is an uphill battle. There's a stigma that comes with being labeled as a respondent that often warrants premature judgment and ill-treatment far before you get a chance to prove your innocence. Being a student-athlete who also happens to be a respondent adds another layer of complexity to a whirlwind of a process. To successfully navigate the Title IX process as a student-athlete respondent, you certainly need the help of an attorney advisor. Here's why: 

You Might Be Suspended Pending an Investigation

When it comes to handling criminal charges, Arizona colleges, and other institutions across the country tend to swiftly bring down the hammer. Take the UCLA shoplifting scandal in China, for example. The basketball players were suspended indefinitely for engaging in the misconduct. But the nature of Title IX investigations seems to generate a more unpredictable response. In