Academic Progression at the University of Chicago

You made it to the University of Chicago. That's no small achievement. Admission standards are high, and only a very small percentage of applicants actually find themselves enrolled as students. Congratulations are in order.

Here's the thing, though: while you should be proud of yourself for getting in, you don't get to relax now. Students at the University of Chicago are held to standards every bit as high as those applying. Just as lots of applicants don't make the cut to become students, lots of students don't make the cut to become graduates. Fail to meet those high standards, and you could find yourself dismissed from the university. Maybe you can find another school to admit you—maybe—but you can bet it won't have the reputation of the University of Chicago.

If you're struggling academically, don't give up hope. Your education is too important, and you do have options. Attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento can explain those options to you and help you pursue them. He's handled hundreds of university dismissal cases. He knows the process, and he knows the players. Joseph D. Lento can't get you good grades, but he can help you fight if you're facing dismissal.

The University of Chicago's Academic Progression Requirements

To remain in good academic standing at the University of Chicago, you must meet two important qualifications. First, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA each and every quarter. That's equivalent to a C in every class, on average. In addition, the school requires you to complete a minimum of 300 coursework units each quarter.

Fail to meet either of these standards or both, and you could face severe consequences.