• A Mistake Shouldn't Jeopardize Your Goals

    Don’t let an honest mistake, or a brief lapse in judgment ruin your or your student’s chances at a valuable education. College is a time for growing as a student and an individual; a journey towards intellectual and personal enrichment. There is no reason you or your student should be denied this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because of an unfortunate mistake.

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  • An Experienced Attorney Will Help

    Schools understand what is at stake for students facing disciplinary action. Don’t hesitate – Schools move forward with disciplinary proceedings very quickly, and you or your student will be better prepared with an attorney in your corner.

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  • I Stand Up When the Bell Rings

    It’s easy to call oneself a fighter. It’s not easy to have the heart to back it up. In the courtroom, the conference room, and in life, I stand up when the bell rings.

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"Only the strong survive, and when you or your family is faced with a challenge in life, ask yourself, 'Who will be fighting for you? An attorney who has fought and won hard rounds? An attorney who, no matter how hard the fight, has the heart to answer the bell?' Success is often hard-fought – I wouldn't expect it to be any other way. I drive hard, I go the distance, and the results I get for my clients speak for themselves!"


Joseph D. Lento has unparalleled experience passionately fighting for the futures of his clients nationwide. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm team are among the most experienced in the United States in matters involving student and school-related issues and concerns. Attorney Lento and his team represent students and others in disciplinary cases and various other non-disciplinary proceedings at colleges, universities, and schools across the United States. Attorney Lento and his team have helped countless students, faculty, staff, and various others in academia at more than a thousand colleges and universities across the United States, and when necessary, he and his team have sought justice on behalf of clients in courts across the nation. Attorney Lento does not settle for the easiest outcome, and instead prioritizes his clients' needs and well-being. Joseph D. Lento is licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, is admitted pro hac vice as needed nationwide, and he and his team can help you or your student address any school-related issue or concern anywhere in the United States.

Facing School Disciplinary Action? You Need Expert Help Now.

It's the worst nightmare for students and parents alike: sitting down in front of a university disciplinary committee facing an uncertain future at the school. Colleges and universities take student misconduct very seriously, and punishment for alleged violations can be harsh and swift. A fun-filled night gone awry, an academic misstep, a misunderstanding on a date, or even a momentary lapse in judgment can throw your entire future career into jeopardy before you even realize what's at stake, let alone know how to defend yourself.

This is not a time to try and “go it alone.” You need an experienced attorney advisor who knows how student discipline proceedings work—someone who can provide expert advice, provide wise counsel, and help you quickly prepare an effective defense. Attorney Joseph D. Lento is a nationally renowned expert in student rights and student defense, having helped hundreds of students navigate even the most challenging student defense cases in colleges and universities across the country.

Student Misconduct Hearings Can Jeopardize Your Career

When you face a student disciplinary committee, there's often a lot more at stake than just a “slap on the wrist,” so to speak. Penalties for violations of the school's Student Conduct Code or Honor Code can be as mild as a reprimand, but they can also result in probationary sanctions, suspension, and even expulsion from the school. These penalties can be extremely costly for parents and students alike because they can result in:

  • Lost tuition
  • Lost time
  • Costly restitution requirements
  • A permanent notation on your academic record, possibly hurting your chances of getting hired
  • Difficulties resuming your education (if you're facing dismissal)
  • A tarnished professional or personal reputation
  • Depending on the offense, possible criminal charges

The real disadvantage for accused students in these situations is that they have neither time nor a clear understanding of the situation to defend themselves properly. Many university disciplinary committees will move quickly to sit the student down and deliver whatever punishment or sanction they believe fits the violation. The initiation of code of conduct or disciplinary proceedings usually takes place within mere days of whatever events transpired. Before they are even aware of what happened, students may find themselves on university probation, or worse, suspended or expelled.

In short, no one should take student misconduct allegations lightly. Without proper due process, and without expert advisory counsel, your (or your child's) entire professional future could be at risk—all due to one misunderstanding or misst