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When you start dental school, you dream of working as a dentist, providing excellent patient care, and being able to afford more than just the essentials of life. But sometimes, these dreams are interrupted by reality. Maybe you are having a hard time understanding the material? Maybe your classmates are tougher to get along with than you expected. Whatever the case may be, you might find yourself in front of a dismissal committee far before graduation. When this happens, an attorney-advisor is your best bet to overcoming a dismissal decision. Call our offices today.

University of Alabama School of Dentistry Code of Conduct

At UAB School of Dentistry, students are expected to follow a particular set of conduct policies. These policies not only cover professional behavior but academic behavior as well, including:

  • Maintaining satisfactory professional standing
  • Maintaining satisfactory grades
  • Complying with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) use
  • All students will complete a health screening survey as often as necessary
  • Assume responsibility for their own learning
  • Wear disposable gloves when handling radioactive materials
  • Use unstructured time wisely
  • Learn to accept constructive criticism

Further, UAB asks students to refrain from committing any act of academic misconduct. Academic misconduct is defined differently depending on the school, but at UAB it refers to:

  • Cheating: using or attempting to use any materials or study aids on an exam, paper, or other assignment without prior authorization or helping someone else use or attempt it.
  • Plagiarism: using the words, pictures, works, or ideas of another as if they were your own on an exam, paper, or other assignment.
  • Self-Plagiarism: resubmitting work you have already been graded on without citation or permission from the current instructor.
  • Fabrication: presenting invented or falsified citations or materials as if they were real and genuine.
  • Misrepresentation: altering or falsifying materials or documents, like schedules or transcripts.

Any student caught violating these policies at UAB School of Dentistry will be subject to sanctions. Sanctions may range from a warning letter or academic probation to something harsher, like dismissal from the program altogether.

Remediation at UAB School of Dentistry

Students all have different learning styles. Some are great at tests, and others excel at the practical side of learning. Most graduate schools take this into account when creating their curriculum. At UAB, the faculty and administration review each student's record at the end of the academic year. If they notice that a student is struggling, they will refer them for remediation.

Remediation gives the student a second chance on a test, clinical, or assignment. In order to initiate remediation, the course director must submit the remediation plan in writing. Generally, students cannot progress in dental school without successful remediation. If they are unsuccessful, they will be referred to the dismissal committee instead. It is important to note that the original course grade and the remediated grade will both appear on your transcript. But do not fret, it is better to see both these grades than to be dismissed for failure to pass the remediation.

While UAB does its best to catch every student in need of remediation, some do fall through the cracks. If you feel like your case has gotten lost in the shuffle or your remediation was unsuccessful, an attorney-advisor can help ensure your due process rights are being upheld. Call our offices today.

Dismissal Proceedings at UAB School of Dentistry

The APC will refer a student for dismissal if they are unable to remediate properly or have violated the code of conduct in some way. The dental field is highly competitive, and dental schools are full of high expectations for their students. As such, if a student is unable to progress through the program on the timeline UAB has laid out, they could be dismissed to preserve the university's own reputation.

If the APC determines that a student has the ability to finish the program but does not fit the criteria for progressing to the next class level, they will be allowed to repeat the year. Alternatively, if the APC notices that a particular student does not have the ability to finish the dental program, they will be referred for dismissal. Once this decision is made, the student will be notified.

Many times, students will disagree with the outcome of the APC's decision and are given the opportunity to appeal it. In order for an appeal to be valid, it must be made within one week of being notified of the decision. The notification of the decision should list the exact steps to take for the appeal. Many schools have decided that appeals can only be made on the following grounds:

  • There is new evidence that was discovered after the initial hearing
  • The APC did not follow its own policies
  • An APC member's bias towards the student

The appeal will be reviewed and either struck down, amended, or affirmed. Whatever the case, the appeal is final and cannot be appealed further.

Why You Should Work With an Experienced Attorney-Advisor

Dismissal proceedings can be extremely overwhelming, which is why it is best to prepare for one with an attorney-advisor. Unfortunately, some students do not take these proceedings seriously and find themselves dismissed. There are serious consequences to being dismissed from a dental school program. For instance, if you have taken out loans to attend school, you will still be expected to pay them back whether or not you have a dentist's salary. Additionally, dismissals are noted on your final transcript from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. If you hope to attend another dental school to finish your education, you will have to explain the dismissal in every admissions application and interview.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and Lento Law Firm are experienced attorney-advisors who have helped dental students in similar situations from coast to coast. They will create a strong defense on your behalf, gathering evidence and presenting witnesses at the dismissal hearings. Dismissal hearings are exceptionally nuanced proceedings. Attorney Lento understands how to navigate these nuances and can help protect your dream of becoming a dental professional. Call our offices today at 888-535-3686 to schedule a consultation or visit us online.

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