Franklin & Marshall College Title IX Violations

Franklin & Marshall College will handle instances of sexual misconduct within its student body with particular diligence. The College outlines what behavior constitutes sexual misconduct within its Sexual Misconduct Policy. The policy is upheld and overseen by the College's Title IX Coordinator. The processes used for disciplining any incidents of sexual misconduct are separate and subject to greater scrutiny than those used for instances of standard misconduct.

Franklin & Marshall College Sexual Misconduct Process

The College will begin the process for adjudication of sexual misconduct instances when a complaint is filed. The student who files a complaint will be known as the complainant, while the individual facing allegations will be known as the respondent. Once a complaint is filed and reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator, the process for resolving the complaint will be chosen. At times, the situation may be eligible for resolution through mediation. Mediation may be used if both parties agree, and if the incident did not involve sexual assault. In all other cases, the College will proceed further with an investigation into the matters. Investigations will consist of collection of evidence, and accounts from complainant, respondent, and any suggested witnesses. Following the investigation, a report will generated and the Title IX Coordinator will decide on a type of hearing to pursue the complaint.


The Title IX Coordinator will decide whether a hearing should be decided by a panel, or a chosen administrator. At hea