Medical Residency Issues at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia Campus), New York

New York-Presbyterian hospital is affiliated with Columbia University's Vagelos College of Physicians. The prestigious New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center is the embodiment of this partnership, and the 738-bed medical center offers a stimulating, challenging environment for residents.

Medical school graduates who complete their residency at New York-Presbyterian Columbia Campus will operate under the supervision of the hospital's Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. This office may be an integral part of any challenge you face during residency, from progression issues to academic appeals, professionalism concerns, and even alleged misconduct.

Types of Issues That New York-Presbyterian Trainees May Encounter

Doctors completing their residency at New York-Presbyterian's Columbia Campus (and other campuses) must be mindful of the program's guidelines. These policies govern how the hospital handles academic progression, professionalism, appeals, and other hurdles you may have to overcome to continue your medical career.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital's Graduate Medical Education policies cover: