What constitutes gender-based bullying?

As to what will constitute gender-based bullying is going to depend on the particular college or university in question in a Title IX case. So it's very important to specifically reference your school's policies regarding the charter's definition. Generally, gender-based bullying, as the name implies, would be bullying or harassing behavior of a nature that are, say, unwelcome and inappropriate. It is a complicated involved determination as to if a person is, say, just exercising their free speech rights, say at a public university, for example. But schools, unfortunately, often have a liberal interpretation as to gender-based bullying or harassing remarks, often not in an accused student's interest or with them in mind, that is. So it's important to have the help of an experienced attorney advisor help you navigate the process and understand what may be allowed or what may not be allowed, and to protect your rights through the process.