Yale School of Medicine

What is known today as the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) was first established in 1810 as the Medical Institution of Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut. As is the case with several programs at Yale, its medical school is a leader that has been recognized nationally and internationally. The Provost is responsible for addressing concerns related to academic integrity, student misconduct, and other disciplinary matters.

Students in U.S. medical schools today are amid a long journey pursuing a career of practicing medicine. In addition to high expectations for academic performance that are subject to remediation, each institution maintains set policies related to professional conduct. Medical students with the prospect of serious disciplinary penalties such as suspension and dismissal are likely to encounter fewer residency options, employment opportunities, and losses in long-term earning potential. Having an experienced attorney in an advisory role is critical for pursuing your best interests and achieving a positive resolution.

Common Examples of Breaches of Professionalism

  • Failing to appropriately and reliably handle their various responsibilities
  • A failure to show a firm commitment to personally address each patient's needs
  • Insufficiently building rapport or empathy with patients

Professional conduct is critical for YSM students, as this is fundamental in the practice of medicine. Some of the keys include “good judgment, a sense of responsibility, and morality.” Students are expected to place the interests of patients above their own and show respect for peers and staff. The Good Standing Policy is based on complying with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) and Medical Student Professionalism.


The YSM faculty is empowered to suspend or dismiss a student that is deemed to be unfit for the profession. Typically, students will be placed on probation, which allows them to comply with YSM standards. The associate dean for student affairs in conjunction with other YSM administrators are responsible for these concerns. Students are eligible to appeal adverse decisions.


YSM adheres to federal provisions regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). These guidelines state that student progress is assessed after each term. Those who are not meeting expectations risk losing eligibility for financial assistance. These students will meet with their academic advisor to devise a remediation plan.

Experienced Advisory Attorney for Medical Students

Medical students that face serious disciplinary actions have too much at stake, as maintaining a clean background is very critical in the medical profession. Students in remediation for under-performing academically, violating rules of academic integrity, and other issues should promptly consult with a seasoned attorney. Retaining advisory representation that is familiar with these concerns ensures the school's specific disciplinary provisions are properly interpreted and that you are afforded due process.

Administrators at the leading institutions of medical education and research today are devoted to maintaining an impeccable reputation. Those who are tasked with managing the disciplinary process may proceed haphazardly in resolving these matters and impose disproportionately harsh penalties. Joseph D. Lento is an attorney with a solid understanding of the potentially adverse repercussions and will support you. Contact the office today at (888) 535-3686 for a consultation.