How do I prepare for a Title IX hearing in Arkansas?

If you're a student or an accused party at a college or a university in Arkansas and you're facing a Title IX hearing, steps have to be taken both in advance of the hearing and at the hearing itself to maximize success. An investigation report will be provided prior to the hearing itself. It will be reviewed by the hearing panel so it's important that it be as effectively and comprehensively responded to prior to it being finalized. So any necessary reports, information, documentation, evidence will need to be included. Be it if it includes a toxicology report, a forensic evaluation, questions would have to be prepared for all parties involved at a potential hearing. If it's the, say, accuser and the accuser's witnesses, the accused and the accused witnesses, any, say, potential expert witnesses. Opening and closing statements would have to be drafted. The make up of the hearing panel would have to be considered whether there's any bias or conflict of interest. Many steps have to be taken to make sure that the hearing process is as fair as possible and that the chances of success are maximized.