What should I do if my high school student is accused of academic misconduct in Arizona? VIDEO

When a high school student in Arizona is accused of academic misconduct, it can have a dramatic effect on your child's ability to attend the college or university of their choice. Academic misconduct charges can include cheating on an exam using unauthorized internet resources, plagiarism, cheating on college boards. The SAT, SAT subject matter exams, AP exams. It is critical that your high school student is afforded their due process rights, that the charges are clearly defined, that the process to investigate the charges is fair and that any resolution or sanctions is appropriate and proportionate to the offense.

In particular, dealing with the college boards requires a detailed understanding of the process to achieve the best possible outcome. The college boards takes academic misconduct extremely seriously and often acts with a heavy hand and imposing sanctions.

An experienced attorney advisor will be your high school student's best ally to defend against academic misconduct charges. They should be involved from as early as possible in the case.

Arizona high schools where Joseph D. Lento can help as your child's student's academic misconduct advisor during investigations, hearings and appeals include, but are not limited to, the following school districts:


  • Agua Fria Union High School District #216
  • Aguila Elementary School District #63