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Few things feel worse than being dismissed or expelled from college or university. It can feel like a failure on so many levels, even if you weren't to blame for the cause of your dismissal. However, you're far from alone in this experience, and there is help available. If you have already been dismissed or expelled from a college or university in Minnesota, or if you have a child who has been dismissed, your story doesn't have to end here. Attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento is recognized nationwide for his skill in helping students deal with disciplinary actions, even after the dismissal has been finalized.

Whether your college dismissal in Minnesota stems from an academic progression issue or allegations of misconduct, Mr. Lento and his team at the Lento Law Firm can help you understand your options and advise you on strategies for relief you might not have known or considered. Don't give up on your dream of a college education. Retaining attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento is your best option for getting your education back on track. Call 888.535.3686 or go online now.

Dismissal Over Academic Progress

Minnesota has nearly 200 colleges and universities. Each school that accepts federal funds through student loans (which is nearly all of them) is required by federal law to have a policy in place for dismissing students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress (SAP). The specific standards may vary from school to school--the University of Minnesota has a different policy than the University of St. Thomas or Gustavus Adolphus College, for example--but the general idea is that students must maintain a certain grade point average and/or credit completion rate in order to stay enrolled. If a student falls below the standards, they may be placed on probation or ultimately dismissed from the school.

There are several reasons for these polices. First, it ensures that students are making progress towards their degree. Second, it helps to ensure that students who graduate have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their field. Third, it protects the university's accreditation and reputation. Fourth, it helps to ensure that federal financial aid funds are used appropriately.

While SAP policies are necessary to ensure federal student loans are being used appropriately, sometimes students at Minnesota colleges and universities are unfairly dismissed over academic progress. This can happen for several different reasons, including the following:

  • The school failed to adhere to its own fair grading policies, so the student received grades that didn't properly reflect their progress.
  • The school applied unfair remediation to the student, causing them to be overburdened and unable to keep up.
  • The student suffered from extenuating circumstances such as medical conditions, mental health issues, or family emergencies that prevented them from making satisfactory progress.

These SAP issues can often be resolved by a successful appeal--either by appealing unfair grades or filing an appeal over an SAP dismissal. Colleges and universities also have procedures for filing these appeals, but unfortunately, many students and their parents either don't know how to file an appeal or don't even realize they have a right to appeal until it is too late. As a result, many students at Minnesota colleges and universities suffer academic progression dismissal that could have been avoided. Whether you were a student at St. Catherine University or one of the five campuses of the University of Minnesota system, if you find yourself dismissed for academic failure, retain national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento to explore your options for reinstatement.

Dismissal or Disciplinary Action for Misconduct

Both public and private institutions in Minnesota must also have specific disciplinary processes in place in order to qualify for federal funding and to comply with Title IX and other federal and state laws. To ensure proper discipline, these schools have developed comprehensive codes of conduct and honor codes so students know what is expected of them, as well as outlining procedures for disciplining acts of misconduct. Disciplinary actions range from reprimands and probation to suspension or expulsion from the school.

However, as with academic dismissal policies, there are many instances where students in Minnesota are unfairly disciplined by their college or university. This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • The school did not adhere to its own prescribed processes in disciplining the student.
  • The student was not given proper notice of the disciplinary proceedings or was not given a chance to defend themselves.
  • The school's disciplinary process was unfair, biased, or arbitrary.
  • The student was wrongly accused and there was insufficient evidence to support the disciplinary action.

While most colleges and universities in Minnesota try to administer discipline fairly, the fact remains that schools are under pressure to maintain a reputation of excellence and a culture that is safe for all students--if they don't they risk losing their federal funds. Most schools also have a relatively low burden of proof to determine whether a student committed wrongdoing. The result: many students are unfairly dismissed over misconduct, their reputations and academic futures left in tatters as a result. Even if they understand how to file an appeal, many times these appeals are unsuccessful.

If you've been recently dismissed or expelled from one of Minnesota's colleges or universities over the unfair administration of discipline, don't despair: there is still hope. National academic attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento and the team at the Lento Law Firm have plenty of experience helping students who have otherwise given up hope. Call the Lento Law Firm today to discuss your case.

The Consequences of Dismissal or Discipline

When a Minnesota college or university student is facing academic progress dismissal or misconduct punishment, the stakes are extremely high. Colleges and institutions in Minnesota have the right to dismiss students who do not make sufficient academic advancement or expel ones guilty of misconduct at their discretion. Being dismissed from school for any reason can result in a huge loss of tuition money, excessive student debt, difficulties transferring into another school, and more--not to mention it basically throws a huge wrench into your prospects for a successful career.

But bear in mind that dismissal or expulsion aren't the only actions that could do damage to your future. Minnesota's colleges and universities often impose other penalties over SAP or misconduct issues, such as reprimands, probation, restricted activities, and more. While these punishments may not be as severe, they can still harm you because they appear on your academic record, potentially disqualifying you from scholarships, extracurricular opportunities, internships, recommendation letters, and even certain job opportunities. Even if you've not been dismissed from school, don't assume that a warning or being put on probation couldn't hurt your career prospects. If these disciplinary actions were unfairly issued, an academic attorney-advisor may be able to help you get the record corrected and get your academic progress back on track.

Appealing SAP Dismissal or School Discipline

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