New York Title IX Attorney for LGBTQ+ Students

Title IX's prohibition against gender discrimination is expansive. The federal law covers a host of conduct that creates a hostile educational environment based on sex, like inequitable admission, athletic opportunities, sexual harassment, gender-based harassment, and sexual violence. 

Throughout the years, there's been a need to extend the provisions of this law to protect a specific demographic of students that have had to fend for themselves for years against unrelenting hate and prejudice. LGBTQ+ students are subjected to discrimination, particularly sexual misconduct, at significantly higher rates than their non-queer counterparts. 

But what about situations in which the respondent is a member of the LGBTQ+ community? There are few conversations surrounding the rare challenges LGBTQ+ students are presented when falsely accused of sexual misconduct. Existing in a demographic that is already incredibly marginalized while simultaneously being branded a perpetrator of any kind of sexual violence can be devastating for queer respondents. There is already an unshakeable stigma that plagues respondents. Before one can even prove their innocence, society projects a premature judgment onto respondents that will cause some people to treat them poorly. 

Many LGBTQ+ students struggle to gain acceptance on college campuses in the first place. With these allegations attached to their name, the small community they once found refuge in may reject them, further isolating them. Not to mention that they're less likely to garner any type of sympathy due to society's perpetuation of stereotypes and false characterizations of their sexuality. To many, LGBTQ+ people are perceived as over-sexualized and impulsive with uncontrollable sexual urges. When people start to believe these stereotypes, it creates an even more dangerous environment for queer respondents who are already prone to being bullied and minimizes the likelihood of p