Medical School Professionalism Concerns

Professionalism in Medical School: How Lapses Can Lead to Disciplinary Action and Other Consequences

Medical schools across the United States have implemented professionalism into institutions' curriculum in an effort allow medical students and doctors live up to their ideals.  Upholding professional behaviors in medical school is vastly important to ensure students adequately perform academically and in real life encounters, such as in clinicals. As a medical school student, it is your responsibility to uphold the school's expectations of professionalism and expectations of academic integrity

A student's professionalism can cause concerns when that student is not adapting to what is expected of him or her. For example, a teacher may provide feedback to a student on how to proceed in the future with a patient's injury/ailment; if that feedback is ignored or misapplied, this may lead to a concern about a student's professionalism. Further, concerns regarding a student's professionalism can potentially lead to academic probation, records of unprofessionalism in a student's MPSE, or even dismissal from an institution.

If a concern about a student's professionalism is raised during his or her period of enrollment, it is vital to have the proper guidance on your side. Failure to comply with expectations can result in medical school issues such as remedial and disciplinary actions, and