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As a student, you are likely to face difficulties at some point in your academic career. Education is to help individuals learn and grow, which can be a painful process at times. There are many challenges that students face on a daily basis. From struggling to keep up with schoolwork to dealing with personal problems and coping with stress and anxiety, students have a lot to manage. Even the most conscientious students can fall behind when personal issues become overwhelming, and anyone is susceptible to making a mistake or bad decision. When problems in life start affecting a student's behavior or performance in school, disciplinary action often follows.

School disciplinary actions can have a serious effect on the rest of a student's academic career. Students can be punished for their actions with consequences ranging from failing a course or grade, receiving a permanent black mark on a student's record, or, most commonly, suspensions or expulsion. These disciplinary actions can follow a student long past graduation and may affect that person's ability to pursue their goals and dreams. If you are facing academic or behavioral misconduct charges at school, the Lento Law Firm can help. We have represented many students in the Fresno area and throughout California. Experienced student defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento will work with you to develop a defense that is tailored to your individual situation and will help you understand the student discipline process and what to expect. If you are facing disciplinary action, the Lento Law Firm can help you defend your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly.

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