Defense for Title IX Investigations in Colorado

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits acts of sexual discrimination in higher education, including sexual harassment or assault. A practical effect of Title IX, though, is that it requires colleges and universities in Colorado to vigorously prosecute allegations of Title IX violations, or risk their federal funding.

If you have been accused of a Title IX violation, then, you can expect your school to do all they can to protect its funding at your expense. Appointing a lawyer as your Title IX advisor can be your best move to protect your rights.

Why Choose a Lawyer as Your Title IX Advisor

People who have been accused of violating Title IX in Colorado have a right to an advisor to guide them through the investigation and hearing process. While some choose a trusted faculty member to advise them, everything is at stake and not taking the necessary steps is a major mistake; appointing a lawyer instead can have significant benefits:

  • Lawyers are familiar with the confrontational style of hearings and investigations
  • Attorneys have experience building and presenting a case for clients
  • Title IX lawyers have an intimate knowledge of the process and the potential pitfalls for your interests

The Title IX Investigation Process in Colorado

While each college in Colorado has its own unique elements to the Title IX process, the general themes are still the same:

  • The complaint initiates th