Student Defense Advisor – Allentown – Bethlehem – Easton, PA-NJ

When your student starts school, you imagine what they will learn, which subjects they will find most interesting, and who they will grow up to become. You never even consider that they might get into enough trouble to warrant a progression or disciplinary hearing. But the reality is, most students face challenges in school.

The times of just passing classes and moving forward have changed dramatically. Now, schools expect students to jump through all sorts of hoops before being allowed to progress to the next course or grade. A student's background and experiences are rarely considered. Instead, if a student is unable to jump through these hoops, they are thought of as lazy or disrespectful and left behind.

All students, and their families, have the right to advice from an attorney when issues like this pop up. An attorney can help guide you through the proceedings, gathering evidence and witness testimony to defend your child's position. Accusations such as these can cause unfair, long-term consequences for your student.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and the Lento Law Firm are experienced in helping students in the Allentown – Bethlehem – Easton, PA-NJ metropolitan area who understand these accusations' implications. Call our offices today for help.

Allentown – Bethlehem – Easton, PA-NJ Metropolitan Area

The Allentown – Bethlehem – Easton, PA-NJ metropolitan area is Pennsylvania's third most populated metropolitan area and includes the following towns:

  • Alburtis
  • Bangor
  • Bath