What should I do if my college student is accused of academic misconduct on an online exam or assignment in Wisconsin? VIDEO

Colleges and universities in Wisconsin have increased their use of online education and technology. As a result, college students can unfortunately find themselves facing an academic misconduct issue related to their taking of an online exam or the submission of an online assignment. Charges of this nature can vary, they can include unauthorized collaboration, copying or working with others, having unauthorized assistance, using unauthorized resources such as internet resources, plagiarism, violation of testing conditions. Professors are often quick to accuse a student of misconduct without completing a full investigation or even interviewing the accused student. Schools in Wisconsin are often in a rush to judgment also. Defending against allegations of this nature requires a very careful analysis of the exam or assignment in question and anything related in addition to the response to the exam or assignment so that it could be determined exactly what took place and whether there was an alternative explanation to the allegations of academic misconduct.

Having an experienced attorney advisor will be your best ally to help you navigate and understand the disciplinary process and to best defend against charges of this nature.

Wisconsin colleges and universities where Joseph D. Lento can help as your or your student's academic misconduct advisor during investigations, hearings, a