What should I do if I am charged with a code of conduct or disciplinary violation at a college or university in Alaska? VIDEO

If you're a student or the parent of a student at a college or university in Alaska, and you or your child is charged with a code of conduct or disciplinary violation, you should not take the matter lightly. Do not make the mistake of leaving what some schools will describe as an educational opportunity. A code of conduct or disciplinary case can have serious potential consequences with respect to academic goals, including internships and graduate school, and professional goals, including employment opportunities.

Regardless of how you first learn of the allegations, whether it is from the Office of Student Conduct, from a professor, an athletic coach, or someone else at the school, the campus police, respectfully declining to discuss the allegations before you take the necessary precautions is often critical. You must also understand how your school will investigate and adjudicate the case. To do so, you must familiarize yourself with the applicable policies and procedures. All schools will conduct an investigation, and regardless of whether your school will decide responsibility based solely on the investigation, or will do so at a hearing, you must present the necessary defense and response. Notice is often an issue at schools, so you must clearly define the allegations.

You must then present your version of events and support it through all necessary means, including presenting relevant evidence, supporting witnesses, and anything else appropriate to the circumstances. At schools that decide responsibility at a hearing, you must pr