Student Defense: Albany Law School

Albany Law School is a private law school established in 1851. It has the distinction of being the oldest independent law school in the United States. The law school awards the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in 14 concentrations and offers an L.L.M. program. Enrollment in this prestigious university comes with multiple privileges and benefits, opening doors to a successful and fruitful legal career upon graduation. However, to remain in good standing, students must demonstrate the highest principles of academic integrity.

Although Albany Law School's adjudication process and procedures for handling academic misconduct issues are not available publicly, they remain similar to other law schools. Albany Law School has an affiliation with Union University. As mentioned in the Union policy, identifying academic dishonesty can lead to severe consequences, including temporary dismissal and revoking a scholarship. Without the help of an attorney-advisor who specializes in student defense, students face delayed graduation and even expulsion.

Standards of Academic Integrity

Law students must uphold standards of academic integrity as it reflects on the university community as a whole. To reduce violations, the university provides multiple resources for students, such as access to educational resources to help them use information and data correctly and citation tools. According to the policy, academic dishonesty involves the following actions:

  • Cheating: Students should not cheat on exams, quizzes, or academic exercises. This action involves allowing others to use your information or accessing information from an unauthorized source.