What sanctions can be imposed if a student is found responsible for misconduct?

If a student is found responsible for misconduct, the sanctions can vary. It's going to depend on the school involved. It's going to depend on the nature of the conduct that a student is found responsible for. Is it Title IX sexual misconduct? If so, is it of a more grievous nature, say nonconsensual sex or is it something of a lesser form? Is it academic misconduct? Is it the students first time that they committed academic misconduct?

Now is it the second time where there's mandatory minimum penalties in a sense where it would require an automatic suspension? Is it a general disciplinary issue such as hazing, which in many instances, if a student's found responsible could result in a separation from the school such as suspension or if not expulsion so it can vary. Certain offenses are more likely to result in certain outcomes.

For example, with the Title IX case, non-consensual sex 99 out of 100 times if a student is found responsible, they will be expelled. A penetration of any kind at a minimum would result in a suspension. Plagiarism for example, or any academic misconduct cheating on an exam. If it happens a second time, the consequences are going to be much more severe. An experienced attorney can help gauge what the potential consequences can be and he can help a student make the best decisions regarding how a case should be addressed.