Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health

The Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ATSU-ASDOH) is considered one of the most innovative dentistry schools in the United States. The school's mission is devoted to community service and making sure that the underserved members of the population get the dental services they deserve. To further that end, the school requires that its students are fully aware that it is their responsibility to represent the school with honor via impeccable conduct.

If a student at the school becomes entangled in a situation where their record becomes tarnished via academic misconduct or by other means, they put the school's reputation at risk, not to mention the impact it will have on their own reputation. If you're facing allegations of misconduct or other issues that could put your academic career at risk, you want to make sure that you have an attorney-advisor on your side who can help defend you with the most vigorous defense possible.

Core Values Expected of Students

The school has a set of core values that it expects all of its students, staff, and administrators to abide by. They're expected to follow the Code of Academic Conduct and the Code of Behavioral Standards. Some of the standards in these codes include the following:

  • Maintaining a respectful and collegial school environment
  • A commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Commitment to public health principles and practice
  • A commitment to caring for the school's social mission
  • A commitment to ensuring that the student will behave in a way that is ethically, academically, and morally respectful

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