Student Defense Advisor – New Haven-Milford

Today's academic curriculums are more challenging than ever before as educators try to prepare students for the 21st-century job market. Young people who would like to get into a good school, then go on to a promising career are challenged to study harder than ever. They're also required to spend time on extracurricular activities to demonstrate how well-rounded they are to college-admissions officers. Knowing their parents have high expectations for them, many students spend considerably more time on schoolwork than their parents did.

Meanwhile, the modern internet has created new ways to cheat that were previously unheard of. To deal with this, school systems have implemented policies and procedures to catch students who try to get around the system by cheating, plagiarizing, or otherwise failing to follow the rules. But sometimes educators and administrators make mistakes or overreact to a youthful indiscretion. Young people might find themselves facing unfair consequences such as a lowered grade, suspension, or a negative note in their student files that could come back to haunt them. Expert student-defense attorney Joseph D. Lento has acted as an advocate for many students who found themselves in such situations, contacting and working with school administrators to help resolve the matter positively.

The New Haven-Milford Area

New Haven, Connecticut, is known as "the Elm City" and calls itself the "greatest small city in America." With a metropolitan population of just under one million, it has a large bioscience industry and is considered a top U.S. city for tech startups. Its neighbor Milford, known as "a small city with a big heart," is filled with beautifully maintained colonial-era structures.

New Hav