Facing Dismissal from the University of Pennsylvania

We all make mistakes. College students tend to make more than their fair share. That's OK. College is a time for exploring who you are, for learning to set boundaries for yourself, for figuring out the many nuances of adulting. A mistake shouldn't cost you your academic future.

Unfortunately, it often can.

Schools seem to take everything seriously these days—sometimes too seriously. There are all sorts of reasons why a school like the University of Pennsylvania might dismiss you, from plagiarism to assault. You always deserve a chance to defend yourself, though—to tell your side of the story and to protest unfair treatment. You also deserve someone to help you do it. National Student Defense Attorney Joseph D. Lento built his career helping students just like you get the justice they deserve. Whatever problem you might be facing, you owe it to yourself to contact Joseph D. Lento and find out just what he can do for you.

Reasons for Dismissal at the University of Pennsylvania

What kinds of mistakes can get you dismissed from the University of Pennsylvania? Basically, they can be divided into four categories.

  • Academic Performance: Your first responsibility as a student is to succeed as a student. The University of Pennsylvania requires all students to meet four academic standards in order to continue their studies. You must maintain a term and cumulative 2.0 GPA; you must not receive more than one Incomplete or F in any given term; you must complete at least six credit units over any two consecutive terms; you must be “making progress” toward a college degree. Failure to meet any one of these