Education Attorney-Advisor – Wichita, Bel Aire, Andover

Enshrined into law in the United States is the right that children and youth have to a free and appropriate education. For their part, students are expected to participate and meet certain benchmarks set by their school and the state government or other governing bodies, where appropriate. To remain in good standing, students at all levels are also expected to abide by their schools' ethical standards or codes of conduct.

But what happens when, all too often, life doesn't go exactly according to plan? What could happen if an unforeseen event or circumstance interferes with a student's progress – whether a divorce, death in the family, undiagnosed disability, unmet special education or IEP (individualized education plan) needs, or any number of other interruptions?

If a situation leads to a student failing to meet standards or a school believes a student is in violation of a behavioral or conduct policy, for example, there is a chance that the student could face penalties that may seriously jeopardize their future.

Students and their families who are in such a position may wish to consider seeking the counsel of an experienced educational attorney advisor. Doing so could significantly lessen the stress brought on by these situations and expedite a resolution, helping the student recover and move forward without losing the groundwork they have laid.

Most students want to be held to high expectations in school. They want to be challenged to think critically and strive for excellence. At the college level, this is why they are there, after all. Yet the expectations placed on students must be reasonable and flexible to a student's changing life experiences. Especially in unpredictable times, schools must recognize that unforeseen life circumstances should not hinder a student's ability to successfully complete their academic programming or get in the way of their future success.

If you are a student facing p