College Academic Misconduct Advisor: University of San Francisco

The University of California San Francisco was established in 1855 by USF's founding president, Anthony Maraschi, an Italian immigrant who proclaimed the school “the heart of a great city.” Since then, it has received favorable rankings by the country's leading publications, including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. And in 2020, the private Jesuit university was ranked 148th out of nearly 400 U.S. universities on Washington Monthly's National University Rankings.

USF's lengthy, long-established Student Conduct Code continues to safeguard its enviable reputation and was created to “educate students about the importance of responsibility, accountability and adherence to the core values of the institution,” says the school in its ethics guide. In addition to producing a non-academic guide, USF has established an Academic Honor Code, which also applies to all USF undergraduate and graduate students, including those enrolled in distance learning. Intolerant behaviors on campus are also addressed.

The University of San Francisco's list of Student Conduct Code was created to ensure the safety of all students to study in an academic environment where “the rights and well-being of all members of the community are protected.”

The ethics guide is periodically expanded to meet modern times as it strives to cover all aspects of s