Medical Residents: OHSU Hospital and Clinics (Portland, OR)

A medical residency at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) is no small thing. The school regularly ranks among top medical schools, and US News and World Report recently ranked its family medicine residency program number one in the country. You're to be congratulated on having made it to this point.

You're not done yet, though, and no residency comes without high expectations. It isn't just that you must be top of your field when it comes to medicine. You also have to excel in patient care, professionalism, research, ethics, and medical law. And a school of OHSU's stature makes more demands on its residents than most. Its published mission statement, its description of its program aims, and its list of values all mention “academic rigor,” training across a “wide breadth of care models” and within “multiple settings,” and a commitment to diversity and to serving underserved populations. You don't have to read about these expectations, though. As a resident, you live with them every day. You can see them written on the faces of attending physicians, fellow residents, and patients.

It's good to have high expectations. You will be in high demand in a couple of years precisely because you went through a rigorous residency program. No one is perfect though—not even medical residents. So, while it's important you know what OHSU expects of you, and it's important you do your very best to meet those expectations, it's equally important you know what to do when every once in a while you fail to meet those expectations.

Medical Resident Policies at OHSU

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