Idaho Academic Appeal Advisor

In Idaho, college students who have been accused of cheating, plagiarism, or other academic misconduct will undergo an investigation and hearing process that is supposed to authoritatively determine whether the allegations are correct or not. However, this does not always happen the way it should. Many academic misconduct hearings are rife with bias and other mismanagement that make a finding of guilt worthy of appeal.

Lodging this appeal can take the help of an academic appeal advisor like Joseph D. Lento.

Why Academic Misconduct Hearings are So Prone to Error

Every college in Idaho has its own procedure for investigating and determining an allegation of academic misconduct. Many of them, though, suffer from the same types of defect.

One of the most common is the makeup of the panels that hear an alleged case of academic misconduct. Most schools try making these panels diverse, in the thought that it makes them more legitimate if there are faculty members and students on the board, in addition to administrators. This legitimacy is an illusion, though, if the panel members are inexperienced at hearing the results of intensive factual investigations and defenses against those investigations. Inexperienced members of a hearing panel are far more likely to be swayed by appeals to their emotion rather than to hard evidence and are more likely to walk into the hearing with an opinion on your guilt or innocence.

How to Appeal from a Bad Outcome at the Hearing

Idaho college students who have been found in violation of their school's code of academic integrity or code of conduct at the hearing have a right to appeal the decision. However, this right can be difficult to invoke and is not always absolute.

In many cases, there a