Facing Dismissal from the University of Chicago

If you're a student at the University of Chicago, you probably feel like you have the world by the tail. You're not just getting a degree; you're getting a degree from one of the most reputable schools in the country.

That also means, though, that you have an enormous amount to lose should the school decide to dismiss you for one reason or another. A dismissal isn't just an interruption in your academic career: if you should find yourself expelled, you'll find it difficult to enroll anywhere else. Certainly, you won't find another school like the University of Chicago to accept you. The employment market can be hard on those without a college degree, and if you've taken out any loans to pay for school, those will come due almost immediately.

If you're facing dismissal from the University of Chicago, you can't afford to try to handle the situation on your own. There's just too much at stake. National Student Defense attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento knows what you're up against and stands ready to help you defend yourself.

Reasons for Dismissal

A school can dismiss you for several reasons. As you might expect, the University of Chicago takes academic integrity quite seriously. Cheating, plagiarism, inventing sources: these can all get you dismissed. So, too, can disciplinary misconduct like physical assault, hazing, vandalism, or misuse of computer resources. One of the most serious offenses any college student can commit is sexual misconduct, and the minimum penalty in such cases is almost always expulsion. The fact is, though, you don't have to break a rule to be dismissed from the University of Chicago. The school maintains high academic standards. If your GPA should fall below 2.0 in any given semester, you'll find yourself on academic probation. Two semesters in a row will garner dismissal.

The Adjudication Process

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