How do I prepare for a Title IX hearing in California?

If you're a student at a college or university in California and you're facing a Title IX hearing, it's important to take steps in advance of the hearing itself and at the hearing. A investigation report will be provided to the parties prior to the hearing itself, that needs to be responded to as comprehensively as possible, whether that includes a toxicology reports or forensic evaluation, and even all evidence documentation and information has to be provided in that investigation report because that ultimately would be provided to the hearing panel in advance of the hearing.

Opening and closing statements would have to be drafted, questions for all witnesses, be it the accusers, the accused, the accusers witnesses, the accused, the accused witnesses. If there's expert witnesses, they would have to be prepped and planned accordingly. The hearing panel would have to be considered to see if there's any conflict or a bias potentially. Many steps have to be taken in advance of the Title IX hearing in California to make sure that the prospect of success is maximized.