Ramapo College Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedure

Ramapo College is a public university in Mahwah, New Jersey, with a student body of nearly 6,000. The school takes its names from the nearby Ramapo Mountains. Like other colleges and universities in the U.S. and New Jersey, Ramapo College takes academic integrity and misconduct very seriously and punishes violators severely. The rules and procedures for academic misconduct at Ramapo College are outlined in its Academic Integrity Policy, which includes provisions that define academic misconduct, the process for determining if a violation has occurred, and the sanctions that can be administered for a violation.

Recognizing the reality that academic misconduct allegations are often baseless, the Policy also lays out a handful of rights for Ramapo students who are being charged with academic misconduct. Nevertheless, the help of an attorney can be invaluable if you have been accused of cheating or violating the Integrity Policy, as the blemish of a conviction can hurt your first steps into the professional world.

Academic Integrity at Ramapo College

Students at Ramapo College have a responsibility to know, understand, and comply with the school's Academic Integrity Policy, and to notify the appropriate authorities if they see a potential violation of the Policy during their time at the school.

Those violations, according to the Policy, come in four broad forms:

  1. Cheating
  2. Plagiarism
  3. Academic misconduct
  4. Fabrication

Cheating involves copying another student's work or letting someone else copy your own work, as well as using unauthorized materials during an exam, collaborating with someone else without the specif