Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Rochester, MN)

Mayo Clinic's presence in Rochester, MN, spans nearly a century and a half. The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (MCCOMS) offers qualified medical students a top-flight education and training experience. Those who study at the Rochester campus, which opened in 1880, “learn about innovative medical, surgical, and research practices” in an integrative academic-medical environment.

Mayo Clinic offers resources that many other medical programs may not. Students must not only achieve highly to gain acceptance to MCCOMS but must also maintain this performance until they graduate. Any deviation from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science's codes of conduct or academic standards could result in sanctions. In the most serious cases, you may face dismissal from MCCOMS.

Attending a Mayo Clinic-affiliated medical program is a great privilege—one that you've earned. You don't want any mistake, period of underperformance, or false allegation to rob you of a bright future in medicine. Hire an experienced attorney-advisor to help you secure an optimal outcome to your case.

Professionalism Standards at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Students attending MCCOMS may work at Mayo Clinic's downtown campus, the Mayo Clinic Hospital at its Methodist Campus, and the Mayo Clinic Hospital at its St. Mary's Campus. Collectively, these Mayo Clinic sites contain a Level 1 Trauma Center, Children's Hospital, several operating rooms, and many intensive care units. Medical students are expected to adopt the professionalism of all other Mayo Clinic employees.

As an MCCOMS student, your handbook may explain what professionalism guidelines you're bound by. Violations of professional guidelines may include:

  • Unsafe or illegal use of drugs and alcohol
  • Endangering patients in any way
  • Plagiarizing any academic work
  • Fabricating data
  • Violating patients' right to privacy
  • Disrespectful conduct towards fellow students, trainees, attending physicians, or patients
  • Any physical altercation
  • Harassment and other Title IX violations
  • Sexual misconduct

If faculty at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science have concerns about your professionalism or ethics, then it may take disciplinary steps.

Dismissal from Mayo Clinic's College of Medicine and Science

Dismissal is the most significant punishment that a medical school wields. Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science may dismiss you for sustained academic issues. MCCOMS may also dismiss you if you commit a serious rules infraction, violate its code of conduct more than once, are convicted of a criminal act, or endanger a patient.

Though its dismissal procedures are not immediately available, you should receive due process. Before MCCOMS formally dismisses you, it should:

  • Fully explain the reason(s) for dismissal
  • Give you the opportunity to admit wrongdoing or refute allegations against you
  • Complete a hearing or equivalent process—you should have the chance to contest accusations, present evidence, and question witnesses
  • Appeal a ruling of dismissal

A seasoned attorney-advisor like Joseph D. Lento may defend you throughout your case. Beyond normal dismissal proceedings, Lento may negotiate with Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science's Office of the General Counsel (OGC). This office may present a resolution to your case that doesn't involve dismissal.

Expulsion from MCCOMS can have a significant impact on your life. For one, dismissal will end a potentially valuable affiliation with Mayo Clinic—an affiliation that may open doors for you in the future. Additionally, dismissal from MCCOMS may:

  • Cause psychological harm: Dismissal can cause feelings of defeat, shame, and inadequacy. The psychological toll of expulsion may be deep and long-lasting.
  • Cause financial harm: When you're dismissed, you lose the immediate chance for a medical degree but maintain student debt. You may need additional loans to re-enroll in another medical program. If you don't obtain your M.D., then you may lose future earning power.

A dismissal from MCCOMS may undo much of the progress you've made. You may need to restart your education if you re-enroll in another medical program. If you are unable to re-enroll in another medical program, then you may suffer the end of your medical aspirations.

Your attorney-advisor will take every step to help you avoid dismissal. Even lesser sanctions like suspension are preferable to dismissal.

Remediation for Academic Issues at MCCOMS

Mayo Clinic has earned a reputation for uncompromising standards. You may experience these standards firsthand while attending Mayo Clinic's medical program in Rochester. If you fail to meet minimum academic standards, you won't be the first MCCOMS student to do so.

Remediation may be an option to return you to good academic standing. You may retake coursework in which you've failed to achieve a passing grade. Your record will reflect remediation, though, and you may pay additional fees for retaken courses or exams. Remediation may also push your graduation beyond its original date.

Remediation isn't a decision to take lightly. An attorney-advisor can speak with you about the benefits and drawbacks of remediation. You may have other options available to help you avoid remediation.

Appealing a Decision at MCCOMS

Medical programs like Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science generally allow students to appeal significant decisions. Appealable rulings may include suspension, dismissal, and other formal sanctions. You may also be able to appeal a remediation order.

Grounds for appeal generally include:

  • The emergence of new evidence not available during the adjudication process
  • Disproportionate sanctions for the allegations you've been accused of
  • Bias, perjury, or other influencing factors that may have led to your case outcome

You typically have only a brief window to file an appeal. Errors in your appeal could invalidate your application. An attorney-advisor will draft and file your appeal petition to ensure accuracy and a swift submission.

Hiring an Attorney-Advisor to Help With Your Medical School Issue

As a medical student, you have plenty of responsibilities to attend to. Between your coursework and personal responsibilities, mounting a proper defense may not be possible. Hire a seasoned medical student attorney-advisor to handle your case.

Attorney Joseph D. Lento and his team have spent nearly two decades defending students in peril. Medical school issues can compromise not only your academic goals but also your plans to practice medicine. The consequences of sanctions cannot be overstated.

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