Student-Athletes Accused of Title IX in Alabama

Title IX of the Education Amendments is a federal law that is intended to prohibit gender discrimination against students who attend federally funded colleges and universities. The law was initially enacted in 1972 to resolve ongoing complaints of inequality in intercollegiate sports, but in recent years it is addressed due to a more pervasive form of gender discrimination: sexual misconduct.

A “respondent” in a Title IX matter is a person who has been accused of sexual misconduct. There's an unshakeable stigma that comes with being a respondent in these cases that often warrants premature judgment. Being a student-athlete who also happens to be a respondent adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult process. To successfully navigate your school's process as a student-athlete respondent, you absolutely need the help of an attorney-advisor. Here's why:

You Might Be Suspended Pending an Investigation

Higher education is big on integrity. This is why Alabama schools, and other colleges and universities in states across the country, are notorious for bringing down the hammer when their students are accused of criminal charges. Take the infamous UCLA shoplifting scandal, for example. Several student-athletes on the basketball team were suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of a case as they were accused of shoplifting in China. But when it comes to Title IX investigations, the reaction of some schools are harder to gauge.

In the absence of a specific uniform protocol, outside p