Medical Residents – MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center is a non-profit institution established in 1898. It offers a rich and diverse residency program and employs over 3,500 people. Moreover, the hospital is the third largest in Maryland and one of the largest employers in Baltimore County. MedStar is home to a strong residency program that helps you actualize your dreams of practicing in a high-caliber environment. As a medical resident at MedStar, you can access superior knowledge and training in your chosen field. However, you must also demonstrate high ethical, behavioral, professional, and academic qualities that maintain your placement. MedStar has strict compliance requirements that all residents must follow. If you do not abide by the policies at MedStar, you face multiple issues that include dismissal from the program.

As a medical resident, your goal is to complete your training and launch your career as a doctor. You spent significant time and effort to reach where you are today, especially after the grueling medical school schedule. Although no medical resident gets into a program as prestigious as that of MedStar intending to commit violations, circumstances arise beyond one's control. Don't tackle the matter alone when you face accusations of conduct or professionalism issues. It's best to take the advice and guidance of a skilled attorney-advisor with experience defending residents nationwide.

Medical Resident Policies at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

The Code of Conduct at MedStar applies to all residents training in their programs. Its purpose is to assist residents in carrying out their daily activities within appropriate ethical and legal boundaries. The policy states that residents must demonstrate the highest professional ethics to maintain the institution's reputation. There exists acknowledgment that interactions between colleagues, patients, their family members, and other associates may lead to tense situations. However, residents must continue to treat others with dignity, courtesy, and respect and conduct themselves professionally and cooperatively.

The Code of Conduct also has policies that relate to the following:

  • Patient care which deals with equal accessibility issues and the right to safe care
  • Confidential information, which includes patient privacy and confidentiality, identity theft program, use of electronic resources and intellectual property
  • Patient protection, copyright protection, and trademarks and service marks
  • Proper accuracy retention, and disposal of documents and records
  • Employment practices that deal with workplace health, safety, and substance abuse

Violating any of these policies leads to repercussions that have a detrimental effect on your progress.

Risks of Violating MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Policies

MedStar has a strict regulatory environment typical for high-caliber institutions in its league. All residents participating in a MedStar program must sign a Code of Conduct Attestation. This attestation indicates that the resident acknowledges and will comply with the tenets included within the code or face penalties. Those who violate the procedures outlined in the Code of Conduct face disciplinary action for failure to adhere to compliance requirements. The repercussions include the termination of employment or affiliation with the organization. Although you may assume you can move on to a different program, the process is not straightforward. Other residency programs may not become available after your record indicates that you received a dismissal due to professionalism or progression issues.

Protective Procedures for MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

Fortunately, the institution is strict about penalizing those who wrongly accuse an associate of unprofessional behavior. However, in cases where you committed a violation, you have the right to due process and to explain your side of the matter before you receive a penalization. After an investigation, the administration determines whether the issue warrants a dismissal or other corrective action. Although these processes are not publicly available, they remain in line with the usual investigative procedures, and you can defend yourself.

It is critical that you do not approach this process alone. Working with an attorney-advisor who understands what is at stake can make all the difference in the investigation outcome. Although there is no guarantee, you have a higher likelihood of experiencing a more favorable case outcome when you work with a professional who understands the process. In many cases, even a slight violation, mistake, or lapse in judgment leads to significant long and short-term issues. Examples include reputation loss and the inability to find a new program due to your history. Because your reputation must be impeccable to attract clients, resolving these allegations with the help of a professional helps you in the long run.

Winning Representation for MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center Residents

When you face allegations of improper conduct, progression issues, or unethical behavior, you may want to tackle the problems alone. However, doing so is not in your best interests, especially when the accusations are severe. Attorney Joseph D. Lento understands what you are going through and the substantial damage these allegations have on your future. Using his experience and knowledge, Attorney-Advisor Lento guides you through the process. Attorney-Advisor Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team have years of experience working with students and residents nationwide. You have a higher chance of success with his attention to detail, dedication to clients, and thorough understanding of administrative processes.

You worked hard to complete medical school and find a residency program that aligns with your goals and expectations. With one violation, you may receive a suspension or termination from your program that affects you now and in the long run. Instead of worrying about what to do next, contact a professional by your side. It is common for residents to make mistakes, but not all of them have easy solutions. Although your supervisors understand that you are learning, some issues are more severe than receiving a reprimand.

Don't let your future become uncertain due to dismissal from your residency program at MedStar. Once you learn of an allegation, your highest chances of success come with speaking to a professional who defends you and your reputation from irreparable harm. Attorney-Advisor Lento is a shoulder to rely on when all seems lost or too challenging to manage.

If you or someone you care about faces allegations of behavioral, professionalism, progression, or ethical violations, speak to an expert. Call the Lento Law Firm at 888-535-3686 for more information about your case.