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If you're facing dismissal from a college or university in New Mexico, you may be completely unsure as to what your next steps should be. You may have lost all hope, and you believe that your future has been destroyed. College is the means by which people all across the world are able to achieve the careers of their dreams and live the lives they want to lead. To lose that because of a dismissal can be devastating.

Don't give up hope. There may be options available to you that you're not aware of that could help you either prevent or even reverse a dismissal. Retain the services of national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento and the team at the Lento Law Firm. Call 888-535-3686 to find out how they can help you reclaim your life.

Challenging Academic Progress Dismissal

New Mexico has roughly 22 colleges and universities available to anyone who is in pursuit of higher education in the state. Students who attend any of the schools, whether they're private or public, are able to take out federal loans in order to help them pay for their education. These loans are not guaranteed: in order to keep receiving the money, students must maintain something called satisfactory academic progress, otherwise known as S AP.

For most schools in New Mexico and across the country, achieving SAP means maintaining a grade point average of at least a 2.0 in their classes. Public universities like the University of Mexico, private colleges like the University of St. Francis (Albuquerque), and two-year colleges like Clovis Community College clearly list out their SAP policies so that their students are clearly aware of the repercussions of not keeping their grades up.

Colleges are literally not allowed to extend federal loans to students who don't meet the academic threshold. When students find themselves in these situations, colleges have a number of options available to them, including placing them on academic probation, allowing them to withdraw for a while, or dismissing them outright from the program.

The problem here is that schools rarely handle things fairly when it comes to making decisions regarding dismissing students. They sometimes make blanket decisions that don't take into account students' personal issues and circumstances. Some students may not be able to maintain a good grade point average because they're dealing with serious mental or physical illnesses. Some of them may have family members at home or dealing with these issues.

Some students may be struggling to figure out a way to pay for college, even with loans and scholarships. There are so many mitigating circumstances that could make it difficult for a student to maintain the grades needed to stay in their programs. If these students are penalized and dismissed, they lose everything they've worked for.

If you're in danger of being dismissed from your New Mexico college or university, or if the worst has already happened, don't panic. In spite of your situation right now, there are always alternatives. Retain the services of national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento and the team at the Lento Law Firm so that you can find out all of the options that are available to you.

Challenging Misconduct Dismissal or Discipline

Not maintaining a satisfactory grade point average isn't the only reason that you can get dismissed from school. Some students are dismissed from school because of academic misconduct or other types of misconduct. Colleges and universities in New Mexico strive to make sure that their campuses are welcoming and safe spaces for all of their students.

Title IX is a federal law that was created in the 1970s to address sexual discrimination on US campuses. The entire purpose of the law is to make sure that students are able to complete their education without the fear of sexual discrimination. Schools have their own policies that protect students from this type of activity, and they also have rules and policies in place to penalize students that participate in other types of misconduct.

When an allegation of misconduct is brought against a student, schools must react swiftly and strongly in order to make sure that they are protecting all of their students. If they don't, their integrity is challenged, and they could be held liable in the future.

Because they need to act quickly in order to address and deal with misconduct, schools often act unfairly when it comes to dismissing students. They may not investigate claims thoroughly enough, depriving the accused students of their due process.

There are many situations where the misconduct allegations brought against students are questionable. Someone could have been mistaken about what they saw or believed they saw, someone may have had a grudge against the student and lied about what they saw, or someone may have made a mistake addressing the issue. There are so many things that can go wrong when accusing a student of misconduct, and if the accused student doesn't know how to defend themselves, they could end up losing everything if the school decides to dismiss them.

Don't be that student. Retain the services of national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento and the experts at the Lento Law Firm so that you have every chance of fighting for your good name. Lento and his team have spent years defending students saddled with the very issues that you're experiencing now. They know exactly what questions to ask during the investigation portion of the hearings, they know what to request of witnesses, and they'll do everything in their power to clear your name so that you can go forward and complete your education.

The Consequences of Discipline or Dismissal

You may be wondering if it's even worth fighting. It's more than worth it: it's crucial. The consequences of being dismissed from a New Mexico college or university could take years to recover from.

  • Getting into another school after being dismissed for misconduct or unsatisfactory academic performance can be extremely difficult. Remember that you'll be competing against other students who don't have blemishes on their academic records.
  • If you end up getting dismissed from your New Mexico college or university, you have to start your academic career all over again. Your credits will not carry over wherever you end up going if you do end up getting in somewhere. This loss can be very traumatizing and difficult to overcome.
  • It can be extremely hard for you to get a job with a dismissal or other type of severe sanction on your permanent academic record. Many top companies expect their employees to be of reputable and honorable reputation. If you have a dismissal on your permanent record due to academic misconduct, your integrity will be called into question. If you were dismissed due to unsatisfactory academic progress, your ability to do your job well will be called into question. They may question your ability to handle the work.

Appealing School Discipline or SAP Dismissal

If your New Mexico school or university has already dismissed you, you may be thinking that it's already too late. If you're assuming it's a complete waste of time putting up a fight since you've already lost everything, you'd be wrong. You need to take action now and fight harder than ever. As you can see, being dismissed from your university or college could have an extremely devastating impact on your future.

By working with national academic attorney-advisor Joseph D. Lento, you have an opportunity to explore all of the options available to you regarding university or college dismissal in New Mexico. Whether you're trying to prevent a dismissal from happening or it's already taken place, it's not too late.

Joseph D Lento and the experts at the Lento Law Firm have years of experience working with students who've gone through exactly what you're going through right now. They've built up strong relationships with school attorneys in the general counsel offices of many of New Mexico's colleges and universities. They also have connections to local attorneys, so they're in the best position to negotiate alternative options for academic issues or alleged misconduct issues.

No one wants to take a school to court, but if Joseph Lento feels that he has to do it, he'll do it. He will do everything in his power to provide his clients with an opportunity to resolve their issues with their New Mexico colleges and universities in a way that works for everyone. Sometimes that means taking extreme action.

Retain a National Academic Attorney-Advisor

Even if you've already been dismissed by your New Mexico College University, it's not too late. Reach out to Joseph D. Lento and the team at the Lento Law Firm so that they can get started on your case. Their goal and your goal will be to either reverse a dismissal, prevent one from happening, or come up with alternative resolutions for the situation that urine.

Reach out to attorney-advisor Joseph Lento and his team today at 888-535-3686. It's time to give yourself a fighting chance.

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