Can a college or university remove a respondent from housing as an interim measure under the Title IX Final Rule?

The college or university can remove a respondent from campus housing under the title final rule. That being said, if before any adverse action or say disciplinary action is to be taken against a respondent, the school is obligated to fall a Title IX, grievance process. A removal from housing can take place at various stages in a Title IX case. It could be on an interim basis after or shortly after an allegation is made, or it could be as part of a sanction if a student were to be found responsible. Supportive measures are expected to be provided to a complainant.

That being said, they're not supposed to be so adverse or adverse to a respondent unless the school follows that grievance process in advance of imposing such a condition upon a respondent. Being accused or facing a Title IX sexual misconduct allegation or charges is incredibly serious. Having an experienced attorney advisor can help you best navigate and understand the process and they should be involved from as early as possible in the case.