Illinois Title IX Appeal Advisor

Federal civil rights law Title IX prohibits gender-based discrimination within any education program or activity funded by the government. This includes most schools in Illinois, including the majority of the state's colleges and universities. Title IX specifically forbids sexual harassment, sexual harassment, or any other discriminatory acts that could possibly create a hostile environment for students of the college community.

When a student is found “responsible” for violating Title IX, he or she has the right to appeal this decision and/or sanction, especially in cases where there's speculation that a decision was unfair.

Your Right to Appeal

The appellate process in colleges and universities is intended to hold schools accountable for their decisions. Title IX sanctions are known to be harsh, including program dismissals, suspension, and expulsion. If these impairing sanctions are to be imposed against you, you have every right to ensure that the decision made was fair and unwarranted. The right to appeal a decision made in Title IX cases exists to assure that, as far as realistically possible, boards and committees conducting hearings will eventually come to a correct decision. The decisions made based on an appeal are presumed to be reasonable.

Any uncertainties pertaining to which course of action should be taken in a student's unique case should be discussed with an experienced student defense attorney. It's important you fully understand your right to appeal an outcome in your case.

Grounds for an Appeal

Mere dissatisfaction with an outcome isn't enough for a school to consider your appeal. It must be based on