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Violating your college's code of conduct can result in a disciplinary violation that can saddle your academic record with a blemish that can make it more difficult to get the job you want after you graduate. If you have been accused of violating your school's code of conduct in Pennsylvania, having a lawyer at your side in the role of a disciplinary advisor can be the best move you make: You can fight against the accusations being levied against you, show your college that you mean to defend your rights, and protect your professional future.

Common Violations of a College Code of Conduct

Even though every college in the state of Pennsylvania has its own code of conduct, with its own provisions and specific concerns, the general themes of all of those codes are the same. As a result, there are a small handful of disciplinary violations that are more common than others.


One of these common disciplinary violations is for hazing. Recent events have brought initiation practices by sports teams, fraternities, or other student organizations into the limelight. If you are involved in an initiation ritual that demeans or endangers an initiate, you could face disciplinary action.

Sexual Assault and Misconduct

Sexual misconduct, including assault, harassment, rape, and stalking, are also frequently prohibited in a college's code of conduct in Pennsylvania. While a disciplinary violation for these terms of the code often come with severe penalties – up to and including expulsion from college – allegations of sexual misconduct on a college campus take on a whole new dimension because they can implicate Title IX. Title IX is a federal law that ties a school's response to allegations of sexual misconduct and discrimination to the school's federal funding, so you can expect your college to take strict action against you to preserve its funding.

Underage Drinking

Because the legal drinking age in Pennsylvania is 21, most college students are prohibited from drinking alcohol by law. Underage drinking is also a violation of the code of conduct in college and can lead to a disciplinary violation that puts a mark on your academic record.

Academic Misconduct

Finally, one of the most severe disciplinary violations that you can suffer is for academic misconduct. Whether for cheating on an exam, forging a transcript, or plagiarizing someone else's ideas for your own graded assignment, academic misconduct can be quite severe. Even if it does not lead to expulsion, the stain on your academic record that it can leave will often be a significant obstacle to overcome once you graduate.

Joseph D. Lento: Pennsylvania's Disciplinary Violation Advisor

If you are a college student in the state of Pennsylvania and have been accused of violating your school's code of conduct, having an experienced lawyer act as your advisor will be a huge help. Joseph D. Lento is a student discipline defense attorney who can be your advisor in Pennsylvania. With his input and knowledge of the legal aspects of the situation, you can rest assured that your rights and future are being protected. Contact him online or by phone at 888-535-3686.

Pennsylvania colleges and universities where Joseph D. Lento can help as your or your student's disciplinary violation advisor during investigations, hearings, and appeals include, but are not limited to, the following schools: