How can an attorney help me through the process in a university disciplinary hearing?

An experienced attorney can help an accused student in a university disciplinary proceeding in various capacities. Whether the case involves a general disciplinary issues such as a hazing or alcohol or drugs or a Title IX case or an academic misconduct case, an attorney can help in various capacities. An attorney can prospectively negotiate with certain parties at the school, be it the Title IX office, the school's attorney, the office of general counsel that is. An attorney can help both directly with his client in terms of preparing the client for what would be taking place during the course of the process, whether it's prior to any investigative interviews or meetings, prior to a disciplinary hearing for example, can help prepare a student in all respects with respect to what to be on the lookout for, the potential pitfalls and missteps that must be avoided to try to achieve a favorable outcome.

An attorney can help if unfortunately there's a adverse outcome and a case needs to be appealed, a finding of responsibility, whatever the case may be, needs to be appealed, an attorney can draft the appeal for a student. So there's many, many scenarios where an attorney can help. The worst thing a student can do is to go through the process on his or her own or alone. You should let your parents know. An experienced attorney should be involved from the start of the process to make sure that there's the possibility of achieving the most favorable outcome.