Medical Residents – Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is a nonprofit teaching hospital at Tufts University School of Medicine. Established in 1923, the hospital undergoes management by Beth Israel Lahey Health. The teaching hospital also has affiliations with Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine. Lahey enjoys a strong reputation for being one of America's best hospitals in the urology category. It offers multiple ACGME-accredited residencies and emphasizes evidence-based medicine, patient care, and research. Residents who attend one of its programs can benefit from a strong-well-rounded education and work with leading experts in their field. If you are a resident at Lahey, you have many opportunities to progress in your field and receive excellent training. However, you must also abide by the standards of professionalism that relate to your profession and maintain satisfactory progress. Failure to do so leads to adverse repercussions, which include sanctions and permanent dismissal from the program.

Medical Resident Policies at Lahey Health

According to the Lahey Health Code of Conduct, members of the residency program and all other hospital colleagues must abide by the rules maintained in the manual. These policies are essential for the success of the institution's mission and for maintaining its reputation and standards. The code's purpose is to guide residents and other staff members when incidents arise that may lead to ethical or professional violations. The main expec