Title IX and College Sexual Misconduct at the University of Denver

The University of Denver is a historic private high-research university located in that Colorado city. The university's website touts the three-hundred-plus academic programs that it offers twelve-thousand students on its attractively green urban campus on 125 acres at the foothills of the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Popular majors at the University of Denver include business, social sciences, biological and biomedical sciences, psychology, and journalism. The university has a law school. Students at the University of Denver live on campus for at least their first two years, in residence halls and apartments.

As attractive of an urban Mountain West environment as the University of Denver offers, students there can face the same behavioral and academic issues as students at other colleges and universities. Those issues can lead to complaints, investigations, and charges for Title IX sexual misconduct, other misconduct outside of Title IX, and other disciplinary matters. National Title IX attorney Joseph D. Lento, who has committed his law practice to helping students overcome misconduct allegations, shares here what to consider when facing sexual-misconduct charges at the University of Denver. Consult the country's leading Title IX attorney.

The University of Denver's Sexual-Misconduct Policies

The University of Denver maintains both a Title IX Sexual Harassment Procedure that it devotes specifically to satisfying its Title IX obligations to prevent sex discrimination and a separate